Writer and speaker: Letitia Mason

I am a writer and speaker based in the UK. I work for Flame International, an organisation which sends teams of trained volunteers to post-conflict arenas to share the Christian message of healing and reconciliation. I chair the board of All Together in Dignity, a human rights based anti-poverty organisation.

I fell in love with East and Central Africa while living and working in a harambee school in Kenya in the 1970s. In the last five years I have been on mission to South Sudan with Flame four times and listened to the stories of people’s lives and the trauma they have experienced through conflict and poverty, yet through it all the human spirit shines through.

Maria is a fictional character but the historical events and their impact on ordinary lives are real. In writing these novels I aim to raise awareness of how people fall into the dangers of modern trafficking and migration. Problems that arise from these movements of people cannot be solved until the sadness in people’s lives caused by conflict and poverty is healed. When people are released from trauma the voices of the poorest can be heard; people will able to build a better world in their own way. For me the most effective way is through the power of the Holy Spirit, working through us by the death and salvation of Christ. If you believe something different, please do not stop reading, let’s have a peaceful discussion.

I am on the list of Mother’s Union speakers for Guildford Diocese and have also spoken at the Salisbury Diocese Sudans Day and University of the Third Age groups. I offer talks on Conflict and Reconciliation in South Sudan with Flame International and Frimhurst Family House: Challenging Perceptions of Poverty. I host the M3 Corridor writers group (affiliated to the Association of Christian Writers)

I love reading about Africa. You can follow me on Goodreads.


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