Symphony of greens

It has been a harsh winter in southern England. The children enjoyed the snow but for many of us the icy conditions and flooding have made life more complicated. Kate’s prompt  GREEN is a timely reminder of the sap rising in the trees and the spears of daffodils thrusting through the soil. Green is a … More Symphony of greens

By his wounds

Friday today and the prompt word from Kate is ONCE. Tomorrow my husband and I go for our Covid vaccine. Our appointments are an indication of our age, and the speed with which the vaccine is being rolled out. This is not a one-off experience. We will need the second dose in a few weeks … More By his wounds

Hoping for sunrise

The prompt from Kate for Fiveminutefriday reaches me around morning coffee break. By this time my head is full of the day’s jobs. It is difficult to break off and focus on what to write, particularly when I am feeling sad. My husband has a naturally placid temperament. Even on holiday he is happy to … More Hoping for sunrise

God’s grand design

We have a popular television series in the UK called Grand Designs, I expect it is available on the web elsewhere as well. The presenter is an architect and designer who helps couples build their perfect house. The process is filmed as they struggle through bad weather, late deliveries, and the inevitable tensions involved in … More God’s grand design

Faith uplift

I have been on an online conference every morning this week and found it tough. I am not a fan of internet interaction. (My smiling face on the photo of the Five Minute Friday zoom is a tribute to Kate’s hosting skills!) The conference was an annual meeting for members of a churches together anti-poverty … More Faith uplift

New every morning

Like a crust of bread that has been around too long, life can seem stale. Too long locked in, windows shut against the cold, enticing children through the day, trying to keep in touch with relatives, watching the impact on nations, beamed to our screens. The anxiety is there beneath the surface undermining my enthusiasm … More New every morning

Held in a moment.

I am amazed that anyone manages to write at this time of year when the weather in the northern regions is so cold and uninspiring. I was going to give it a miss this week but the prompt word for fiveminutefriday is an intriguing one. TIME – what does it mean? How can earth-bound creatures … More Held in a moment.