Faith uplift

I have been on an online conference every morning this week and found it tough. I am not a fan of internet interaction. (My smiling face on the photo of the Five Minute Friday zoom is a tribute to Kate’s hosting skills!) The conference was an annual meeting for members of a churches together anti-poverty … More Faith uplift

New every morning

Like a crust of bread that has been around too long, life can seem stale. Too long locked in, windows shut against the cold, enticing children through the day, trying to keep in touch with relatives, watching the impact on nations, beamed to our screens. The anxiety is there beneath the surface undermining my enthusiasm … More New every morning

Held in a moment.

I am amazed that anyone manages to write at this time of year when the weather in the northern regions is so cold and uninspiring. I was going to give it a miss this week but the prompt word for fiveminutefriday is an intriguing one. TIME – what does it mean? How can earth-bound creatures … More Held in a moment.

Travelling in hope

I’m later than usual to the fiveminutefriday link up. I was ready for Christmas, beds made, parcels wrapped, cake dosed with brandy. I was starting last minute food preparation when everything changed due to the sudden tightening of Covid travel restrictions in London and south east England. I have cried over the sudden reversal. A … More Travelling in hope

This present moment – how will future novelists capture the pain and poignancy?

I am reading ‘The Dean’s Watch’ by Elizabeth Goudge, an author I love because of her ability to set characters in time and place, in this case Ely in the 19th century. Her skillful prose captures in a few deft strokes, the history of the city, the lives of its people, and their dreams for … More This present moment – how will future novelists capture the pain and poignancy?

Advent Calendar 2020 – scene through a window

I love Advent, the time of waiting, the carols, Advent wreaths, and children’s calendars. During the recent lock down I amused myself by writing an Advent calendar. You can see it by going to the Advent Calendar page of this site, or by following my Facebook page Maria of South Sudan, I hope you … More Advent Calendar 2020 – scene through a window

The night sky – a message of hope in the dark days of winter.

Fiveminutefriday again and the prompt is GRATEFUL. In the UK we don’t mark Thanksgiving, though I did start of Advent – the four weeks leading up to Christmas. When he was a student, my son made an online Advent calendar. I loved it, and each year since I have wished I could do the same. … More The night sky – a message of hope in the dark days of winter.

Grief and loss

Fiveminutefriday, and another difficult prompt to write about. I’ll start with a pet. Rocket was a terrier/labrador cross with a strong personality, who kept us constantly amused, and challenged. The loss when he died suddenly was sharp. We still laugh at his antics. Yesterday was the funeral of the senior member of my husband’s family. … More Grief and loss