The remedy if love goes wrong.

I have three siblings. Whenever there is a family crisis somehow two of us manage to fall out with each other while the other two are unaffected. Recently a misunderstanding arose between my youngest sister and I, a joke that went awry and touched sensitivities I did not know were there.

‘Sorry……..I slipped up!

Please forgive me.’

Where there is great love the flip side can be blind rage and hatred. I am horrified when this happens and we go over to the dark side. We are all Christians and experience has shown that love, patience, saying ‘Sorry’, and forgiving each other will bring us through, and restore good relationships, but it is very hard.

The easy route is to dwell on the perceived wrong, let it fester and grow, roll it around in head and heart until, like the proverbial stone, it gathers a moss of jealousy, vitriol, and self justification, slippery and treacherous. The longer path of forgiveness is a better choice.

The Kings of Israel were supposed to follow God’s laws but easier ways tempted them and the consequences were disastrous. Zedekiah ‘stiffened his neck and hardened his heart’, resulting in exile to Babylon for his people.

Lord, help me. I don’t want to be exiled from your presence. Must I really say ‘sorry’ and forgive seventy times seven? There must be an easier way!

I know the answer. There is only one way to peace and I trust God for good relationship to be restored, but it is costly to turn away from that tempting recital of woes and focus on the true remedy.

I am a writer, speaker and blogger. Every week I join the Five Minute Friday online community in responding to a prompt word. This week the word is REMEDY. All are welcome to have a go.

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5 thoughts on “The remedy if love goes wrong.

  1. Our small group has been discussing forgiveness. Sometimes the deepest emotional wounds come from people close to us. Forgiveness is hard, but without it bitterness has the opportunity to grow. Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness is for our health–yes, a remedy!


  2. Makes me think of a forgiveness in Tokyo Bay.

    A September day so long ago,
    aboard a floating citadel,
    the astonished world did come to know
    the pardoning of hell.
    Nanking’s rape and Singapore
    and slaughter of Chamorros
    would not be made to close the door
    on the world’s tomorrows,
    and while we’d made them understand
    through flame dropped from the skies,
    when all was done, we gave our hand
    and bid the vanquished rise
    in a way no victor had proposed,
    with “These proceedings…are closed.”


  3. It’s quite the stretching of my faith to ask and to give forgiveness sometimes. Thankful that God’s patient work continues in my heart.
    Your neighbor at FMF#21


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