Broken world – held by the Saviour

In the beginning, a garden
Where man could walk with God, 
Till the serpent whispered subtly
And peace was lost.

Covax, a plan to a bring life-saving
Vaccine to world at risk
But greed and need spoke early,
Opportunity lost.

Blackbirds in my garden
Fighting beak and claw
Each claiming territory
Nature in the raw.

A friend, dear to me, 
Listening to my sobs
But somehow, we misunderstood.
Close fellowship gone.

Who can mend this broken world?
Where unruly feelings reign?
Only One who dared the cross,
Lost souls to gain.

Each week I join the fiveminutefriday community in responding to a word prompt. You can find out more here

I enjoy other people’s poems for Five Minute Friday so this week I am giving it a go!

The cover of my Bible reminds me that the whole world is in His hands

6 thoughts on “Broken world – held by the Saviour

  1. Thanks for writing, Maria. There is so much brokenness, in the world and on the personal level. We definitely need God’s redemption in all those broken places.

    Jeannie (next door to you in the linkup this week at #24)


  2. Beautifully done, Letitia!

    You provided the inspiration for the sonnet below. I hope you like it.

    Living in the ruined Eden,
    in ashes of a former beauty
    where love and hope lie forlorn, bleeding,
    we must be braced unto our duty
    to recall the joy that was
    and to carry it within
    not in mourning, but because
    recollection can replace the sin
    and give spur to Christward thought,
    to the Cross and empty grave,
    for this tragic hurtful loss
    is that which He died to save,
    and to restore a birthright broken
    His scarred hands are holy token.


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