Permission to show love

My mother to the final days of her life, when she could no longer speak, continued to God's show love to those around her.
Maternal approval at a Victorian themed Christmas party

My mother, who died recently, God bless her, was constantly affirming and encouraging to my siblings and I in our endeavours. We have received dozens of cards from people who took the trouble to write and tell us how she helped and encouraged them through difficult times. One card said ‘She was the kindest person I ever knew.’

There were many similar sentiments. Yet to her children there was another aspect of her personality. She wanted the best for us. Her dark eyes would narrow to slits, she’d look down her long nose, and lifting her cheek bones haughtily, annihilate us in a few words. I still hear her voice saying:

‘Sit up straight or no food!’.

‘He’s not good enough for you.’

‘Nice girls have good underwear.’

She is gone and without her encouragement, or disapproval, I felt lost and disorientated for a while, unsure, separated from her lifelong oversight albeit, in my adult years, in the form of guidance and affirmation.

I asked what rules my father in heaven provides, and I find that there is only one – to love Him, and our neighbour as ourselves. Jesus final encouragement to his disciples was to give them his authority to make disciples in all nations. My mother, with her deep faith approved of that, and to the final days of her life, when she could no longer speak, continued to God’s show love to those around her.

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7 thoughts on “Permission to show love

  1. My mom’s been gone for nine years and her voice is still in my head – in a good way! We are so much a product of our mothers. I’m sorry for your loss. FMF#23


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