Hoping for sunrise

The prompt from Kate for Fiveminutefriday reaches me around morning coffee break. By this time my head is full of the day’s jobs. It is difficult to break off and focus on what to write, particularly when I am feeling sad.

My husband has a naturally placid temperament. Even on holiday he is happy to stay in the same place, enjoy the views and think his own thoughts. I am more volatile. I love to explore, to question, to have adventures. I find the current lock down hard. I long to drive to the sea, walk along the shore and listen to the waves. There is a place that is special to us, where a concrete blockhouse guards the shoreline, surrounded by marsh. The estuary curves, outlining the hills beyond. In summer the sun rises over the sea; in winter it lifts over the estuary and casts a pearly light across the salt marsh.

Many times on a wintry day we have sat with our backs to the solid wall of the guard house, watching birds feeding on the shore and listening to their contented twittering. Where can I go to find peace of mind?

Even before sunrise, I pray for your help, and I put my hope in what you have said. Psalm 119 verse 147

5 thoughts on “Hoping for sunrise

  1. The lockdown is hard. I think I find it harder in winter. Especially no clear plan out. But I cling to hope and promises of God. We pray that God blesses you with joy today. Visiting from fmf #16

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  2. Aw Maria your special place sounds beautiful. I feel for you; this lockdown is difficult….. Praying you will be freed to go to your special place again soon. Sending you a virtual hug in the meantime. Visiting from FMF

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