Travelling in hope

I’m later than usual to the fiveminutefriday link up. I was ready for Christmas, beds made, parcels wrapped, cake dosed with brandy. I was starting last minute food preparation when everything changed due to the sudden tightening of Covid travel restrictions in London and south east England.

I have cried over the sudden reversal. A knife sliced into my guts, and then, as the shock ebbed, I felt as though I was like a branch that oozes milky sap when broken. The wound is drying but the shape of the tree is changed for ever. With millions of others, my plans for Christmas have been overturned, my loved ones are bereft, and in the case of one elderly, sick relative, confused. The destination of this harsh journey through 2020 is not the one I expected.

Click on the picture to see all the windows of the Advent Calendar

The wise men traveled expecting to find the king they sought in a royal palace. When the star rose over a humble dwelling it would have been easy to say to each other, we have made a mistake, this is the wrong place. They trusted what they had observed in the movement of the stars and laid their offerings before the child king. They may never have known how the symbolism of their gifts would be wonderfully fulfilled in the death and resurrection of the saviour king.

Mary, however, watched and reflected. She treasured all these things in her heart and shared them with the writers of Matthew and Luke’s Gospels.

I have been posting daily an online ‘window’ of an Advent Calendar, imagining what listeners would have heard if they had been eaves droppers to the events of the first Christmas. Creating these pictures has helped me to find a gritty reality and an eternal hope; which was foretold by prophets and angels, heard by shepherds, and discerned by wise men who read the hand of God in the skies.

I wish you a joyful Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Travelling in hope

  1. I wonder what they had expected
    on that night of nights;
    majesty, perhaps, reflected
    by myriad fairy lights?
    Did they envision angel-choirs
    with trumpets of pure gold
    instead of humble shepherds’ fires
    to keep away the cold
    of that vast and starry night
    in which, far off, the jackals
    sand of hunger, and their right
    to feast, and raised the hackles
    of the Magi just arrived…
    and it was then, a Baby cried.


  2. I’m so sorry about the changes you’ve had to make in your plans. This pandemic has really turned life upside down.Love this post and your reflections on the wise man and on Mary.
    (Visiting from #35)


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