The night sky – a message of hope in the dark days of winter.

Fiveminutefriday again and the prompt is GRATEFUL. In the UK we don’t mark Thanksgiving, though I did start of Advent – the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

When he was a student, my son made an online Advent calendar. I loved it, and each year since I have wished I could do the same. I am working on an idea, though whether I will get it finished for in time is uncertain. Reading the Bible stories of the Nativity and imagining what it must have been like has made me appreciate again the simplicity, and the impact of the writers of the Gospels. I was reading theories of why the Star of Bethlehem appeared, when reality broke in….. My husband urged me to come out and look at the night sky as the space station passed through the Moon and Mars in conjunction. Amazing!

God has set the paths of the planets. We do not fully understand but we see their beauty and mystery. I give thanks that he has set a course for each of us as well.

12 thoughts on “The night sky – a message of hope in the dark days of winter.

  1. FmF friend here! This is always such a magical time of year… beginning the season with thanksgiving (here in the US) truly brings the focus back on all the Lord has done for us this year. Advent is my favorite way to close out another year! Wishing you a sweet time of reflection on this unusual year!


  2. In a recent moonless sky
    we saw a shooting star,
    and we wondered, Belle and I
    that it had come so far
    on its purposed journey
    to blaze into our atmosphere,
    a vision of eternity
    that seemed to bring bright Heaven near.
    Belle barked and waved a paw to say,
    “I could have caudght the thing!”
    But I told her that display
    was meant by God to bring
    through golden-red illumination
    a hint of Divine celebration.

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