Grief and loss

Fiveminutefriday, and another difficult prompt to write about.

I’ll start with a pet.

Last ‘bed’ of Rocket, a dry, shady spot
where he could keep an eye on the squirrels.

Rocket was a terrier/labrador cross with a strong personality, who kept us constantly amused, and challenged. The loss when he died suddenly was sharp. We still laugh at his antics.

Yesterday was the funeral of the senior member of my husband’s family. In her rare visits this aunt, a GI bride, brought love and laughter to her UK relatives. In later years she suffered with dementia and we gradually lost the person we knew. Her death is a heavy shock. We are numb for now, but memories have a habit of popping out when you least expect them.

Years ago I read Loss and Change by Peter Marris, recently republished, which explores the impact of loss of community as well as of individuals. My local Council is planning wider pavements to keep us safe. The government has launched an environmental package of cleaner fuel and electric cars. There is a cost, and projects will be lost to pay for change.

It takes wisdom and courage, to acknowledge the pain of loss, to recognise what is important, perhaps mark it in some way, but then to let it go.

5 thoughts on “Grief and loss

  1. The picture of Rocket’s last bed really moved me; a year ago I lost Sylvia, one of my service dogs and the ‘face’ of my blog.

    A year ago I lost her,
    my furry faithful friend;
    we must all to time defer,
    and earthly joys must end.
    She’s buried in the garden,
    but I recall not where,
    and for that I beg pardon,
    but I know she is not there,
    but lives on in my heart and mind,
    not memory but real,
    and shows herelf when I am kind,
    and permit myself to feel
    both sadness quite justly accrued,
    and for her presence, gratitude.


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