Help along a barren road; not just for me, but for all. End Poverty Week starts on 17th October, the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty

This post is a response to the fiveminutefriday prompt HELP, a word that taps into feelings of anxiety, disorientation, and fear as our social and geographical horizons diminish, outbreaks of infection rage through our universities, and our frail elderly remain imprisoned in nursing homes.

We give thanks for blessings, the beauty of nature, the love of our close friends and family, the devotion of our pets, and more, but we still miss the touch of other people and the ease of daily contact that does not involve a flat screen. There is an impoverished change in our behaviour as we adjust.

It is the lack of opportunity, the empty road to nowhere, that oppresses people more than material deprivation, the sense of being overlooked and forgotten, their views not valued.

Next Saturday, 17th October, is the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty, inspired by the call to action of Father Joseph Wresinski, founder of All Together in Dignity.

ATD is a charity that aims to understand poverty in all its forms, in the UK concentrating its efforts on supporting families and influencing policy.

Internationally the Tapori movement is a worldwide network of children from all backgrounds whose motto is:

We want all children to have the same opportunities”

St Paul commends in his letters commends believers for helping those in need. During Challenge Poverty Week, starting on 17th October, spare a thought for those frustrated by lack of opportunity, and support them in finding a voice. Maybe reaching out will help us all feel more connected and open up new routes through our daily lives.

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I am a Christian writer and speaker on issues of poverty. I welcome your comments.

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2 thoughts on “Help along a barren road; not just for me, but for all. End Poverty Week starts on 17th October, the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty

  1. There seemed to be a problem with the FMF link. The page I was directed to was:

    which then re-irected to:

    If you find the sonnet below useful in any way, please feel free to print, share, or istribute it as you see fit. I wrote it for you, and for this cause.

    Can you see them from your window
    as you’re sitting to your feast?
    Swollen belly, rock for pillow,
    are they surely not the least
    of these our Saviour showed us,
    to displace us from our pride,
    but are they tossed beneath the bus
    on which we gaily ride
    to charities that we have made
    to put our names in noble mention;
    when lip service has been paid
    we then glaldy turn attention
    to life from which we won’t see:
    “Thank God, better them than me!”

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