Behind a locked door – the fluid changes of our post Covid 19 world.

Whenever I can I join the fiveminutefriday link up. This week the prompt word is ENDURE. We visit a hidden beauty spot on the Kent coast where there is a First World War gun emplacement on the beach. Its solid concrete walls and roof have stood unharmed against the storms for over 100 years.

This weekend as we breasted the crest of the dunes we saw that the venemous power of the recent high winds had brought a narrow tongue of shells and sand licking up the beach leaving a vomit of debris around the base of the gun emplacement. It appeared unharmed, its blue wooden door locked tight against the elements but when we went inside water had trickled in through the air vent and the contents had been lifted to different places by the rising sea water. A film of mud covered everything giving familiar objects an unfamiliar appearance.

I see the muted look in the eyes of friends I meet after many months. The deeply etched contours of our relationship are softened, the outlines of our conversation unfamiliar. We must negotiate a new language to rebuild relationship in this post-inundation world, where we have had to endure the random action of forces beyond our control. We share the experience but its impact on each is different.

Hidden away behind the locked door our hearts have shifted and we see the world from new positions. Only one remains unchanged, our everlasting Father. He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Revelation chapter 8 verse 1

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