Finding our what we are worth in the new normal

I woke early this morning. Dark clouds overhead finished dropping their rain and were clearing leaving a sullen grey sky, but they had sprinkled the roses with a soft crust of tiny drops, like a sugar coating, round the edge of each petal. They reminded me of the verse about sparrows sold for two pennies yet not forgotten by God.

Their delicate beauty calmed me in what has been a difficult week. If God cared enough for the roses to give them this exquisite edging that shone with gold on a dismal morning would he not also notice me, crouched under our car port with a mug of tea and the Bible app open on my phone.

Life is challenging in the UK. We are still in the pandemic, though deaths are down to around 100 a day and shops are opening. Businesses however are closing and one I rely on for clothes to fit my 1.8m tall frame is closing in a few weeks. Hair cuts are still an issue, though my Yorkshire terrier has been shampooed and groomed to perfection. Is there such a thing as ‘pooch envy’?

Somehow the effects of social isolation, shaggy hair, expressing friendliness wearing a face covering (the British habit is to smile with the mouth and keep the eyes guarded), and keeping 2 metres apart is giving everyone a zombie like demeanour. Deeper than that one of my jobs has become more demanding while for the other one the work has disappeared. I have resigned, but feel the loss of friends and colleagues. We are having to adapt to the new normal and find our worth in different ways. Fortunately with God it is not about what we do, or what we wear, but just our presence, in the rain clouds, and his desire to clothe us with drops of gold.

As usual on a Friday this blog was written in response to the fiveminutefriday prompt WORTH.

I am a writer and speaker, unable to speak at public events during the UK lock down, and this week struggling to find the energy to write, but I am thankful that God loves me, and you.

One thought on “Finding our what we are worth in the new normal

  1. As a Sussex southern softie I could not of got through this without the mainly beautiful weather we have had. But also have had rain this week but in true Brit style we needed it! The new normal is certainly different but I am sure that in this season of rain you will be showered with blessings of raindrops of gold providing you with all you need. God bless fmf#18

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